1.1 The Best Returns Policy Ever- Full refunds and free of charge exchanges:

Due to high shipping costs, doll customization costs, and payment transaction fees, etc., the vast majority of websites do not support full refund returns. Even if you choose to cancel an order within the space of a minute, the majority of sex doll websites still charge tens of dollars in refund transaction fees. Some even adopt a zero-return policy towards order cancelations, returns, and exchanges even if the product received is flawed or damaged. At Better Sex Doll we offer better service by understanding the needs of the users. Whether you accidently bought on impulse or simply don't like the product you received, as long as the item and packaging is not damaged, we provide you with the freedom to fully refund. At Better Sex Doll, it doesn't get much better than that!

1.2 Improved Customerserviceat your fingertips

Over 70% of all sex doll websites are operated by Chinese companies. We are well-aware people from developed nations do not fully enjoy Chinese standard products and services. Unfortunately, we too are a Chinese company but unlike 99% of Chinese sellers who have lagged behind, we have improved and upgraded our support centre and can now guarantee timely assistance whether by online chat or by email. In fact, we are so confident thar our customer service is better than the rest, we pledge 30 second response times via online chat, or 1 hour response times via emailFurthermore, our staff members are trained better! improving your experience with better spoken English. 

1.3 Selected products, 100% genuine

With four years of experience with in the industry, we have become the "go to experts" and know almost every product in every factory. We are aware of the fact some product series, even those sold by well-known factories, are not worth the sales price. We are also aware that some sex doll models sold at lesser-known factories can be of very good quality matching or even surpassing models sold at more established brands. For this reason, we do not blindly offer brand named dolls, instead we offer the products that we truly feel delivers the best quality and value to our customers regardless of where they were manufactured.


2.1 We have studied in depth more than 3,000 sex dolls from 40 different Chinese suppliers and, through field research and factory visits, analysed each factory's competitive edge including their best-selling sex dolls. A factory's best-selling sex doll represents the pinnacle of a factory's craftmanship as it is the doll they are most familiar with and the doll that usually reveals a factory's maximum quality and technology capabilities whilst maintaining a competitive price point. Every factory has a best seller. These best-selling treasures are usually hard to be identified by competing brands. Through contractual agreements, Better Sex Doll is allowed to identify and sell these best-sellers at large quantities and at best prices. This is where we bring customer value! We are able to offer a better selection of best-sellers at better prices.

2.2 Every month we spend more than $200,000 ordering hundreds of best-selling products from a multiple of factories and send them to the warehouses distributed across the World. As we ship at bulk via ocean cargo, transportation and tariff costs are reduced to a minimum. This improved logistical strategy saves you money by avoiding unnecessarily high shipping costs. It also allows Better Sex Doll to offer better prices unmatched by any other supplier out there.  

2.3 For customized products that need to be produced in China, we maintain best prices by offering more affordable shipping methods. Such methods may require you to wait an additional 10-15 days but it will save you at least 100-200 US dollars.

2.4 As a Chinese agency, because products coming from China enjoy lower labor cost advantages compared to European and American products, and because we, as a company, strategically accept lower profit margins in order gain market share, the prices available on our store are simply unmatched. Furthermore, we also enjoy more advantageous currency rates. For an example, if European and American agents make a profit of $5,000 USD per month this would be viewed as insignificant and unsustainable. However, for a Chinese company $5,000 USD per month can be large due to better currency rates. The combination of such advantages allow us to pass on lower prices to our customers.

2.5 We enjoy economy of scale. Due to mass and centralized procurement and transportation, our operation costs can be significantly less compared to our competitors allowing us to pass of savings to our customers.


Although we have identified and documented numerous areas of improvements, actually implementing such product upgrades is quite challenging due to the lack of owing our own factory. Despite the fact of having our own professional sex doll design team, we currently lack actual manufacturing experience especially when it comes to the handling of weight reduction technology, heating technology, etc. In the near future, we are however confident that after acquiring a factory we will be in a position to create and control our own production line.

Regardless, at present Better Sex Doll can still provide a range of better and improved product options including 100% ultra-realistic customization, makeup customization, clothing customization, etc. If you need to customize your sex doll's body or face, Better Sex Doll, although not necessarily the cheapest,  is especially capable.