US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll
US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll

Brand: Aibei Doll

US In Stock - 140cm (4' 7") F-Cup Pregnant Real Sex Love Doll

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For those who like pregnant dolls there is one factor which makes it difficult for us to give a recommendation, and that is weight ! The usual pregnant sex dolls are pulp women with big bellies, generally weighing over 50kg. They are heavy. Aibei's 140cm pregnant is, however, a sex doll exception. Aibie's doll weighs less than 35kg making her easy to play with ! And unlike other brands of sex dolls of the same height she is designed as a mature pregnant woman with a slight bulging belly and huge breasts full of milk. Her butt is also thick and sexy ! Equally important, there is no trace of the usual childish design you come to expect with dolls of this height. In short, this Aibei doll is the best choice we have come across. She truly depicts a life-like pregnant women with body parts scaled down according to proper human proportions.

Choose Your Preferred Package:Basic

Basic: The doll has an extra standing foot function, other content is standard, same as the picture.

Upgraded: The doll has extra standing feet, gel breasts, vocal function, and heating function, everything else is standard, same as the picture.

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Product Specs Bust: 88cm
Lower Bust: 64cm
Waist: 62cm
Hips: 91cm
Arm Length: 60cm
Foot Length: 21cm
Vaginal Depth: 18cm
Oral Depth: 13cm
Anal Depth: 16cm
Net Weight: 35kg

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